How to Make Money From Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a platform that allows businesses and individuals to monetize their website traffic by displaying relevant ads to users. It was launched in 2003 and has become popular with brands and publishers. To make money from Google AdSense, website owners can choose to display text, image, or video ads on their site and decide how often to show these ads to users. AdSense is a good way for content creators to monetize their websites and earn additional income. It’s important for businesses to allocate a budget for this purpose as part of their digital marketing strategy. AdSense allows website owners to profit from traffic on their sites. Users are generally aware that they can’t avoid ads online.

In this article, we’re going to discuss what is Google AdSense, how to make money from Google AdSense, how much AdSense pay per 1000 views, which websites are best for AdSense, and the pros and cons of Google AdSense.

Let’s first look at what Google AdSense is.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an ad program that allows you to monetize your content and earn revenue from YouTube, your website, or a blog.

It is an ad network that places text ads on thousands of websites. Google does not own the websites that use its ad network, but its advertisers do.

The advertisers see a combination of how many visitors the website gets from their advertising and how much their ads are shown. Google’s advertisers are the companies who pay money to make their ads visible.

AdSense only displays ads for companies that are advertisers, not for the website that shows those ads. A website does not pay AdSense or the advertiser when showing an ad. The advertiser pays Google to show their ad. They then pay Google based on how many people see the ad.

Knowing this, how is this beneficial to website advertising? How exactly can you make money through AdSense?

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How to Make Money From Google AdSense?

Yes, there’re ways that you can earn a handsome income through Google Adsense.

Let’s now see the steps to know how to make money through Google AdSense:

1. Look at the type of website you have

Certain sites have better performance than others with AdSense. The easiest sites to optimize are blogs, forums, social media sites, and online games. If you own a website that has a high bounce rate, Google AdSense won’t be successful on your site.

2. Don’t click on your ads or encourage people to click on ads

Google is strict when it comes to ad performance. The platform thrives on organic traffic and promotes content that makes this possible. Clicking on your ads or encouraging other people to do so is what Google hates. Doing this could result in the suspension of your AdSense account.

3. Ensure your content is relevant & high-quality

Create content that is relevant to your audience. Give them something exciting and entertaining. Ensure that the content is of the highest quality to rank higher in search engines and increase traffic. Great content and amazing quality will keep users coming back for more.

4. Include the ads.txt file

Authorized Digital Sellers or ads.txt for short, is a file where Google publishes websites authorized to show Google AdSense ads on their sites. This decreases ad fraud like domain hijacking & domain theft. Delaying adding the ads.txt file could lead to an absence in ad revenue.

5. Optimize your site for mobile devices

Mobile devices makes up more than 60% of global web traffic. Ensuring site optimization for mobile devices increases the user experience. This makes people more inclined to view and click on ads. Mobile users spending more time on your site could make it a stable source of income.

6. Make sure the user experience is amazing

Most if not all search engines today are more concerned with the user experience. Greater user experience means more time on the website. Search engines promote these sites more. Improve website performance such as readability, navigation, responsiveness, user interface, and loading speed.

7. Utilize the best-performing ad placements

Start by making ads a standard size then increase over time. Use the maximum number of ads allowed per page. For more visibility, including ads in the content. These ideas can help increase the click-through rate (CTR) and your AdSense revenue.

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How Much Does AdSense Pay Per 1000 Views?

On average, AdSense pays $8-$20 per 1 000 views.

There are some determining factors to decide how much you will earn. These are

  • How ads are set up
  • The location of consumers
  • How much traffic your site receives
  • What kind of content do you create

Calculating your estimated earnings would be done using the RPM (Revenue Per Mille) method. This method calculates the amount you will earn per 1 000 impressions.

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Creating high-quality content optimized for SEO is highly recommended. This helps you rank higher in search engines and increases your page views. More views could mean more money.

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Which Websites are Best for AdSense?

The top three websites for AdSense are:

1. Blog website

Blogs are great places to make money through AdSense. The rankings are democratic and pay the highest amounts. Because the content is updated regularly, the content stays relevant. This allows the site to rank higher in search engines.

Blogs are perfect for writers who can combine the business of their blog with the technical aspect of AdSense. Blogs drive a lot of traffic because of their informative nature in answering many questions that people have daily. They are also known to be a great source of branding.

2. Forum website

Forums are the next best way to earn with AdSense. They are highly targeted and drive a lot of traffic since they present unbiased content based on the user’s needs and opinions. Forums may be easier to manage for people not interested in the content creation process.

With forums, the content you create includes chat rooms and topics for discussions. The challenge may be finding people to engage with one another in these discussions online. As time goes on, more traffic generated could result in revenue.

3. Free online tool website

Free online tools are things such as GIF makers, graphics design software, image editing software, and many more. If you create these types of tools, creating a website is the first step in advertising these tools. Free online tools could be separated from the content creation process or added to it.

You’re creating a website that promotes your tools. This website could lead to people sharing the tools and the website increasing traffic. More people on the site means more people seeing ads that may be relevant to them.

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Google AdSense Pros & Cons

Just like any other platform, Google AdSense also has its advantages & disadvantages. Below are the pros and cons of using AdSense on your blog or social networking site.


The following are the pros of using AdSense:

  • It is the biggest ad network
  • Setting it up is very simple
  • There is no minimum traffic required to be approved
  • The cost-per-click (CPC) is quite high
  • One account lets you manage different sites (blogs, YouTube, etc.)


The following are the cons of using AdSense:

  • The rules on the platform can be a lot stricter compared to other sites
  • Some of the displayed ads can be irrelevant and increase the loading time
  • Earnings aren’t as much & AdSense generally pays out about 68% of ad revenue to the publishers
  • There is a minimum limit of $100 to be able to withdraw the money
  • The payment process can be a hassle because you have to receive & enter a verification pin from Google which takes 2-4 weeks to arrive

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In closing, it should be noted that Google AdSense has pros and cons. This platform will allow you to reach any targeted audience and places your website at the top of search results. As your audience grows, so will your income.

Using AdSense as a way to earn an income is a very organic way to earn money. You’re already putting out content that people love and enjoy, you can also make money from this. You need to gain as many followers as possible, so you can benefit from greater exposure.

Moreover, you can’t ignore flaws like delayed payments, tedious processes, and a lengthy verification process. You will not gain immediate income with AdSense. But, with consistency, you will surely see a consistent stream of income coming in from AdSense over time. Follow the instructions of this article to make money from Google AdSense.


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