How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to earn money without any responsibilities like stocking and shipping the products, you must look into affiliate marketing. It is a business model where affiliates willing to sell products or services, become companies’ partner. Because you do this online, it is considered a virtual event. In comparison to traditional marketing strategies, affiliate marketing is more cost-effective and easier to apply & earn a good revenue. Here, you will explore what is affiliate marketing – a free virtual event and how can it be a source to make money online.

In this article, we’re going to discuss what affiliate marketing a free virtual event is, how it works, its type & future, 7 Simple Steps to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing, and the way to track affiliate marketing profits.

What is Affiliate Marketing – A Free Virtual Event?

What is Affiliate Marketing - A Free Virtual Event?

Affiliate Marketing is an advertising model in which a company gives commissions to third parties (also known as affiliates) to advertise or sell their products or services to generate leads and sales.

Generally, affiliates can be Bloggers, content creators, website owners, or any brand that has a good audience reach on digital platforms. Through this referring mechanism, the affiliate partners use their digital resources such as websites, blogs, social media networks, and apps to market the product and services of their respective clients.

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How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy that allows businesses to reward affiliates for driving traffic and sales to their products or services. Affiliate marketing works by creating a partnership between a business (the merchant) and an affiliate (the promoter). The affiliate promotes the merchant’s products through their website, blog, social media accounts, or other online channels. When a visitor clicks on the affiliate’s link and makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission.

To participate in affiliate marketing, the merchant must first create an affiliate program, which outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership. This includes the commission rate, cookie duration, and promotional guidelines. The affiliate then joins the program and receives a unique affiliate link or code to promote the merchant’s products.

Affiliates can promote the merchant’s products through a variety of methods, including product reviews, banner ads, email marketing, social media posts, and more. The affiliate is responsible for driving traffic to the merchant’s website and converting that traffic into sales.

Affiliate marketing benefits both the merchant and the affiliate. The merchant is able to reach a larger audience and increase sales, while the affiliate earns a commission for promoting products that they believe in. Affiliate marketing is a popular and effective way to monetize a website or blog and is used by many businesses across various industries.

Let me share 4 simple steps that will make you understand the Affiliate Marketing Working Model.

  1. A merchant (a company that sells products or services) creates an affiliate program and sets the terms and conditions, such as commission rates and cookie duration.
  2. An affiliate (a promoter) joins the program and receives a unique affiliate link or code that they can use to promote the merchant’s products.
  3. The affiliate promotes the merchant’s products through various online channels, such as social media, blog posts, or product reviews.
  4. A potential customer clicks on the affiliate’s link or uses their code to make a purchase on the merchant’s website.
  5. The purchase is tracked using the affiliate’s unique ID, and the affiliate earns a commission based on the agreed-upon rate.
  6. The merchant pays the affiliate their commission, either on a regular basis or when they reach a certain threshold.

Affiliate marketing allows businesses to reach a wider audience and increase sales, while affiliates can earn a commission by promoting products they believe in. The success of affiliate marketing largely depends on the quality of the products or services being promoted and the effectiveness of the affiliate’s marketing strategies.

Here, we can say, affiliate marketing is a relationship among:

vendors—-affiliate platforms—-affiliates.

Confused? Don’t worry, we are going to discuss all the necessary steps thoroughly so that there will be no such confusion. Let’s start from the types of affiliate marketing strategy.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

There are 3 types of affiliate marketing. Let’s understand them one by one:

1. Unattached Affiliate Marketing (Pay Per Click)

In this advertising model, affiliates don’t need to connect with customers through social media accounts, blogs, or an all-time platform to promote the products as well as services. In other words, when the affiliates aren’t present in any niche and have no authority in the advertising area to promote the product and service, you call that unattached affiliate marketing.

This marketing is also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing in which:

  • Affiliate marketers can launch ads on Google, Facebook, or any other social media site.
  • They can earn commissions through the clicks and visits of audiences through these ads.

Although unattached affiliate marketing doesn’t require any authority, it is not the favorite type of marketing for affiliate marketers. According to marketers, this model doesn’t support building relationships with the end-user and they become behind-the-scenes marketers only.

2. Related Affiliate Marketing (Paid to Click)

In this marketing model, the affiliate requires an online presence, social influence, and expertise to generate traffic through blogs, social media accounts, podcasts, and many more. It means affiliates are slightly related to the niche of marketing the product as well as services.

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Because of getting commission from every click, a related affiliate marketing program strengthens affiliation as the easiest business model anyone can start with.

3. Involved Affiliate Marketing (Pay Per Sale)

In this marketing model, there is deeper connectivity between the affiliates and the products/services they promote for vendors. The affiliates promote the product that they already have consumed or consuming, and are confident about the positive features of the products.

In addition, through the PPS (Pay Per Sale) model, affiliates can get 30% to 70% commission on each sale and that’s why it is the favorite type out of the three others.

Simple Steps to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing – A Free Virtual Event

The below 7 steps will help you to start affiliate marketing online efficiently:

1. Select a platform

select a platform - affiliate marketing - a free virtual event
select a platform

You have all the options available to start affiliate marketing from any social media sites, blogs, websites, applications, and other networks. However, a blog or YouTube would be a much easier channel to build an audience, promote your affiliate link, and increase your affiliate sales.

To start a blog nowadays is relatively easier and cheaper. It will cost you a few dollars and can give you better returns. You need to select a domain, hosting and content management system like WordPress to go ahead. Once your blog is ready, it will require optimization for search engines to rank and then, you’re free to add your affiliate links to your online content.

On the other hand, you can easily create and upload video content on YouTube for free. It requires a high number of channel subscribers, high-quality videos with complete SEO applied, attractive descriptions, relevant captions, and so on. From there, you can share the affiliate link without any issues.

2. Choose a niche

Choose a niche
Choose a niche

This is going to be very important to choose a specific niche because there is a lot of competition for bloggers to start affiliate marketing.

You can go for a topic that focuses on a specific category. For instance, selecting “shoes” would be highly competitive in comparison to “mountain boots”. We recommend you choose your niche more specifically to lower the competition.

3. Choose the right affiliate programs

choose the right affiliate programs
choose the right affiliate programs

You have to be selective while choosing the right affiliate programs. Let me help you here with the three categories.

  • High-paying with low-volume affiliate programs: This is a very competitive program. In this program, you will compete against highly-skilled marketers as there is a low volume of customers and you can get high pay for every sale.
  • Low-paying with high-volume affiliate programs: In this program, there will be a high range of customers as well as you will receive a lesser payout for your sales.
  • High-paying with high-volume affiliate programs: In this program, you will not only have a huge audience but also you will get high pay for sales.

Here, selecting the option randomly is not the correct way. Your level of expertise and niche will let you know which program suits you.

4. Create high-quality content

Create high-quality content
Create high-quality content

Before you use your affiliate link to any channel, you should consider the quality of your content.
If you are a blogger, your content must be relevant, highly qualitative, and have an appealing title and meta description. Starting with YouTube videos, you must consider a fully HD video, enough material shared, SEO applied, preview option, caption, good description, and appealing video title as well as description.

5. Apply strategies to drive traffic

Apply strategies to drive traffic - affiliate marketing - a free virtual event
Apply strategies to drive traffic

After starting your high-quality online content, the next task is to apply various strategies that will drive high traffic to your content.

Well, you have multiple options such as paid traffic, applying SEO to content, email campaigns, and using other social media sites for your content promotion.

6. Place the affiliate link to get clicks

Place the affiliate link to get clicks
Place the affiliate link to get clicks

Link placement needs a proper survey to understand the correct way to use that.
Anyway, I am not asking you to do the survey and other kinds of stuff, I already have done everything for you. So, here are the 5 key points for placing your affiliate link:

  • Do not use your affiliate link at the bottom or end of your content as people hardly scroll down as well as click.
  • Do not spam by putting the affiliate link everywhere on the content, use the link smartly.
  • Balance the link with other factors of the content.
  • Use callouts such as buttons, tables, boxes, and flow charts for representation to attract the readers.
  • Place the affiliate link to the quality content only.

7. Convert the clicks into sales

Convert the clicks into sales - affiliate marketing - a free virtual event
Convert the clicks into sales

This part also needs a little practice. For this, you can review the income reports of top affiliate marketers, learn through their experiences and comments, ask questions to the marketers on social sites like Quora and LinkedIn, and use your intuition too (sometimes it works better).

Trust me, this is not rocket science, and be assured that you will grab this with time as well as experience.

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Why Should You Do Affiliate Marketing? Or, What is the Future of Affiliate Marketing?

I would suggest the statistics of “Top Affiliate Marketing Trends For 2022” to understand the importance.

  • Around 80% of the brands have affiliate programs all over the world.
  • There can be a 10% increase in Affiliate Marketing Spending in the next couple of years.
  • Almost 65% of marketers worldwide generate traffic by blogging alone.
  • Quite interesting to know, affiliate marketing accounts for over 15% of all digital media revenue.
  • 94% of publishers use multiple affiliate marketing networks.
  • The USA has the largest market share with over 39% in the affiliate industry.
  • It also accounts for over 16% of all eCommerce sales in the USA and Canada.

To show “What is the Future of Affiliate Marketing”, I would like to share a graph that shows the total spending in dollars from 2010 to 2022 in the United States.

Statistics of Top Affiliate Marketing Trends For 2022
Statistics of Top Affiliate Marketing Trends For 2022

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How Much Can Affiliate Marketers Earn?

Affiliate marketing is like a gold mine that remains unexplored. If you have a good audience reach, you have the opportunity to make millions in a year.

In terms of earning, affiliate marketers can be categorized into 4 types

  1. Beginner, who earns between $0 to $1000 per month
  2. Intermediate, who earns between $1000 to $10,000 per month
  3. Advanced, who makes between $10k to $100k per month
  4. Super affiliate, who makes between $100k + per month

Here, I am sharing the names of the top 8 affiliates who became millionaires in a short time through affiliate marketing.

Pat Flynn
Finch Sells
Missy WardShawn Collins
Zac JohnsonIan Fernando
John ChowKirsty McCubbin

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How to track Affiliate Marketing Success?

Trust me, choosing the affiliate marketing strategy and sharing your affiliate link are not enough for affiliate marketing.

“How can you judge if your marketing efforts are working properly?”

Another necessity is to track all the metrics to manage and improve the results.
There are several affiliate marketing tools that can help in tracking the performance, gathering data, and providing competitor data.

Top 12 Affiliate Marketing Tools to Track Metric


The above tools are user-friendly and self-hosted. You can create traffic sources, landing pages, flows, and a unique campaign. Moreover, the tools are useful for boosting your website engagement rates, increasing conversions, making consumers more likely to return to your website, and so on.

Here are a few key affiliate metrics that the above tools pay attention to:

Click-ThroughsEPC (Earning Per Click)
ImpressionsConversion Rates
Ad spendsNet monthly sales
ROI (Return on Investment)Overall revenue

Top 10 Affiliate Networks

Amazon AffiliateGoDaddy Affiliate
ShopifyMakeMyTrip Affiliate
HostGator AffiliateFlipkart Affiliate

In addition to these affiliate programs, there are 7 other platforms people are making money through affiliate marketing, and they’re Komli, Rakuten, Admitad, Payoom, Optimise, Nearbuy Affiliate, and DGM India.

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6 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for a Business

These are the advantages that you have while working as an affiliate:

  1. Affiliate marketing has a low start-up cost as it doesn’t require any advertising team and buying ad space. The company just finds affiliates according to their niche.
  2. It also has a low ongoing cost since it gets handled by affiliates.
  3. It has low risk and is perfect for any business to promote products.
  4. As the companies handpick the affiliates, they can target the audience.
  5. Another advantage of affiliate marketing is its flexibility and any business can go for small or larger, and low or high-budget affiliate programs.
  6. Affiliate marketing always has a high ROI (Return on Investment).


To summarize, becoming an affiliate is not a tough job and can be acquired with little effort and expenses. Being an affiliate marketer is very cost-efficient, you do not need to put much money in affiliate marketing in order to gain more.

However, I must add, to become a successful affiliate in terms of high earnings and popularity, you need to compete with thousands of people. In this article, I tried to tickle all the necessary details that you should understand before you start your career as an affiliate marketer.

Moreover, if you are planning to earn a lot through any digital marketing or internet marketing work, you must have an online presence and a good audience reach. So is required for affiliate marketing that can support you to promote your affiliate link and convert your audience into customers.

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Hope you learnt everthing about what is affiliate marketing – a free virtual event and how can you make money through this.


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