What are the Types of Social Media Marketing? Know the Importance of Social Media Marketing in 2023

Social media marketing (SMM) is essential because it allows brands to connect with their target audience and reach out to potential customers. With over 3.5 billion social media users, it has become an important platform for business development and marketing. SMM is an effective tool because it allows brands to connect with their followers personally. It is also a marketplace where sellers and buyers can easily connect for business purposes. Social media has become an inseparable part of marketing strategies due to its ability to connect billions of people and influence brand reputation. You’re going to explore the importance of social media marketing.

In this article, we will explore the various types of SMM and the importance of social marketing for businesses. We will also discuss the 10 popular benefits of social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing – An Overview

Social media marketing refers to the process of using social media platforms to promote a product or service. This can be done by creating and sharing content on social media, as well as paying for ads on these platforms to reach a larger audience.

The goal of social media marketing is to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to a website, and ultimately, lead to increased sales. Some popular social media platforms for marketing include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Types of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

There are many social media marketing techniques but today, we’re going to understand the 7 most popular types of Social Media Marketing that when applied effectively can help you get maximum results.

1. Content Marketing (or, Content Creation)

Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique. This is the process of developing and distributing content to attract and retain customers. With the help of content creation, you can create and share any blog post, video, podcast, email, or infographic you want.

2. Advertising (or, Sponsorship)

This advertising is a type of audio-visual marketing communication that uses public funds and impersonal messages to promote or sell products, services, or concepts.

Advertising costs include the cost of creating and placing ads on various social media platforms.

Social media sponsorship is a type of collaboration where brands provide products or money to users for promotional or sales purposes. Sponsors can be individuals or organizations that offer money to other social media users (influencers, personal brands, or authoritative accounts) in exchange for other benefits.

3. Influencer Marketing

It is one of the best types of social media marketing. A social media influencer is someone who has acquired a loyal audience through social media. This influencer could be a YouTuber, blogger, or someone else in the community.

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing model where a business connects with influencers/Individuals who have a loyal audience. By using your provided advertising content or through their own content, they persuade their followers or the target audience to buy your product.

In short, influencers share content through these social media platforms with their audiences and, help to increase brand awareness and convert their followers into your buyers.

4. Social Media Management (or, Community Management)

Social media management is an organic approach to building your social media followers or community. Where you can interact with people, and promote or share your ideas, products, or services.

In this process, you need to keep working hard to get as many followers as possible as these followers are your target audience. But this happens over a longer period. The benefits are huge, but this is a long-term strategy.

Therefore, in the initial days, it may not be easy to increase the number of followers when you start managing Social Networking Services (SNS). Still, after about a year, you will be able to have many loyal followers. This can bring great revenue to your business. This social media marketing will help you get higher ROI.

5. Building Following Through Paid Media Marketing

Paid media refers to external marketing activities that include paid publications such as Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, branded content, and display advertising. Paid media is an integral part of online business revenue growth and brand awareness.

For example, social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest offer advertising options that can be used to increase exposure.

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LinkedIn and Twitter are the most effective advertising platforms for business-to-business (B2B) marketer audiences. But you can use similar strategies on Facebook and Pinterest, it all depends on where your audience is most active and most interested in your brand.

Let’s now know the types of paid media advertising.

Types of Paid Social Media Marketing

  • Search engine advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • Native advertising

Types of Paid Pricing Models

  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM)

6. Forum & Groups Contribution

Social media marketing is a pure game of action, reaction, and interaction with your target audience.

Why not create a discussion forum or community group on various social media platforms?

This is very common on Facebook, Quora, and LinkedIn to bring like-minded people together to engage in discussions about common topics. For example, on Facebook, you can create Pages or Groups & Spaces on Quora.

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How useful are social media groups for your business?

Having a cohesive community is rewarding as it allows you to build brand affinity through constant interaction with your members. If a group or forum has a common discussion topic, has a moderator to keep the discussion going, and has consistent community rules, it’s good to lock it.

Again, being this close to your target audience allows you to spread the word, and in return, you not only get conversions, but also free market research.

7. Reputation Management or Review

According to a 2018 survey, 71% of consumers would recommend the brand to someone they know because of their positive experience with the brand. So if you receive positive feedback from a customer, it’s up to you whether or not you post it on your wall, regardless of how many followers you have.

You can showcase customer reviews using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. However, we recommend betting on platforms that are known for this purpose.

For example, online platforms or apps such as Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor, Ola, Uber, and other platforms allow people to share candid reviews to reach as many people as possible.

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The Importance of Social Media Marketing in 2023

Social media marketing will continue to be an important part of marketing strategies in 2023 and beyond. With the growing number of social media users, businesses will continue to use these platforms to reach and engage with their target audience. Social media allows brands to connect with their followers and customers in a personal and interactive way, which can help to build brand loyalty and trust.

In addition, social media provides businesses with the opportunity to gather valuable insights about their target audience through analytics and customer feedback. This can help businesses to tailor their marketing strategies and create more targeted and effective campaigns.

To understand the importance of social media marketing in 2023, let’s look at the graph below:

Social Media Marketing Progress Report for 2022
Social Media Marketing Progress Report for 2023

Some other Facts & Data that show the importance of social media marketing (SMM) are as follows:

  • As of January 2023, there are a total of 3.96 billion social media users across all platforms.
  • The average person traverses seven different social networks in a month.
  • Adults are spending more time on social media across all platforms than ever before, at 95 minutes a day.
  • TikTok is the fastest-growing social network in the United States, with a staggering 105% user growth in the last two years.

Overall, social media marketing will continue to be a key tool for businesses to reach and connect with their audience, build brand awareness and reputation, and drive sales and revenue.

Top 10 Common benefits of Social Media Marketing

Here is a list of the 10 most common benefits of social media marketing:

1. Increased brand awareness

Social media allows businesses to reach a wider audience and build brand recognition.

2. Improved customer satisfaction

Social media allows businesses to directly interact with customers, which can improve customer satisfaction by addressing their concerns and questions in a timely manner.

3. Increased website traffic

Sharing links to your website on social media can drive more traffic to your site.

4. Improved search engine rankings

Having a strong social media presence can help improve your search engine rankings, as search engines take into account the number and quality of social media shares when ranking websites.

5. Cost-effective

Social media marketing can be an affordable alternative to traditional advertising methods.

6. Greater conversion rates

Social media marketing can help increase conversion rates by making it easier for customers to find and connect with your business.

7. Increased inbound traffic

Social media can help you attract customers that are interested in your business, as they are more likely to follow and share your content.

8. Higher brand authority

By regularly posting high-quality content on social media, you can establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry, which can increase trust and credibility.

9. Better customer insights

Social media allows you to gain valuable insights into your customer base by analyzing their online behavior and engagement with your brand.

10. Increased loyalty

By actively engaging with your customers on social media, you can strengthen your relationship with them and increase customer loyalty.


There are many different marketing tools available, but social media remains one of the most effective. It allows businesses to engage with their customers in a personal way, build relationships and build a foundation of loyalty.

Additionally, social media is a convenient way to share news and announcements and get customer feedback. If used effectively, it’s a powerful tool that can help you achieve your marketing goals.


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