Top 7 Benefits of Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing has become an important and influential aspect of digital marketing with the widespread use of smartphones. It is a complex and constantly evolving field, and it is essential to educate yourself on the various strategies and techniques involved before implementing them for your brand or business. Mobile marketing can be an effective way to increase brand awareness, advertise products and services, and connect with customers. Given the amount of time people spend on their phones today, it is crucial to consider incorporating mobile marketing strategy into your overall marketing strategy.

This article covers the definition and types of mobile marketing strategy, its benefits, importance, and available mobile marketing tools and apps.

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What is Mobile Marketing Strategy?

A mobile marketing strategy is a plan for using mobile devices and apps to reach and engage with customers. This can include tactics such as SMS marketing, mobile app notifications, mobile advertising, mobile loyalty programs, and mobile coupons.

A mobile marketing strategy should be integrated with an overall marketing plan and should consider the unique characteristics and limitations of mobile devices. A successful mobile marketing strategy should also consider the target audience and their preferences, as well as the specific goals and objectives of the business.

It is the process of advertising a product or service via apps on mobile phones, tablets, or other handheld devices. Digital media promotions are now being supplemented by mobile devices because of how important they’ve become.

This strategy offers companies the ability to increase brand awareness, and regulate customer engagement. Businesses can target customers and promote the benefits of using their products and send them offers, and media promotions, and encourage impulse buying.

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Types of Mobile Marketing Strategy

There are 5 major types of mobile marketing and they are:

1. Social Media Marketing

High-quality ads that appear on social media are a good way to drive traffic to your site. These ads can be organic through SEO or paid for. This form of marketing encompasses a range of different channels. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok are all examples.

Creating social media ads to drive traffic to your site is relatively inexpensive. You may not know all your customers as well as you should but, social media can help you target new & potential customers.

2. App-Based Marketing

App-based marketing as the name suggests are marketing ads that appear in applications or apps. Although it isn’t free, it is still relatively cheaper compared to traditional marketing methods. It is crucial to retain customers once they have downloaded your app.

A good marketing funnel that can persuade customers to download the app is a good start. Ensure the app is not too complicated when onboarding. This will result in customers getting annoyed, and they will ultimately delete the app.

3. SMS Marketing

With so many people having phones somewhat as necessities, SMS marketing has increased. This involves sending an SMS to consumers’ phone numbers with a notification or offer of upcoming deals. Because consumers get annoyed with spam messages, ensure the SMS is enticing.

Since, click-through rate in SMS marketing is vital, you must ensure the message is valuable for the customers.

Ensure that the product being advertised will be useful to the customer. Otherwise, it can result in the business being given a bad reputation.

4. Location-Based Marketing

Because people tend to go everywhere with their phones, it is easy to market products to them based on their location. Nowadays, it is very easy to track someone’s location. This has simplified the process for businesses too.

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They can ensure that users only see ads when they are close to the business. Brands such as ASOS have been using this to their advantage. It has to be done in a way that isn’t bothersome to customers.

5. Mobile Search Ads

Mobile search ads refer to ads specifically targeted for mobile users. These ads are displayed in mobile search engine results. With this model, a consumer will click on your ad and then click through to the website to buy your product or services directly.

When using mobile search ads, remember to provide high-quality and short content to ensure you receive the most click-throughs. Mobile click-through rates are 60% higher than desktop rates. The functionality and ease of a phone simplify the process.

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Top 7 Benefits of Mobile Marketing Strategy

Here are the 7 most important benefits of mobile marketing strategy

1. Cost-Effective

The cost-effective nature of digital marketing makes any form of marketing, even mobile marketing, a great way to reach more consumers while keeping the cost low.

According to research done by LOCALiQ, the ad CTR from phones relative to desktops are 24% cheaper. Having numbers like this gives your company the ability to continue to grow without spending all of your money on traditional marketing.

2. Immediate & Accessible

According to data researchers, more than 60% of online traffic came from phones alone in August 2022. Reaching consumers is a lot easier because they have their phones with them all the time. More data reveals that the average person spends 4hrs 10 minutes on their phone per day.

Reaching consumers through mobile marketing is easy. Accessing social media apps, playing games, and checking emails, are all things people do on their phones daily. It makes it easy to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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3. Opportunity to Reach a Larger Audience

Billions of people in 2022 have access to cell phones. Communicating with your target audience while reaching a global audience is simpler than ever. You only need to invest a small amount of time and money to give your business a competitive edge.

It is possible to reach more people, and choose specifically who you want to consume your content. You can also connect with more people in your niche and even grow your brand by increasing your mobile marketing campaigns.

4. Different Channels Available

The different channels available are all the types discussed under “Different Types of Mobile Marketing”. These various channels help ensure you are reaching your audience in a way that is appealing to them.

You can choose one channel or multiple. Effectively using mobile marketing ensures consumers are aware of your brands while enjoying the way they are consuming the content.

5. More Personal

Because mobile marketing allows you to specifically target your audience, it lets you create ads that are more personal and meaningful to them. You can target your audience effectively by using geolocation, using social data, and demographics.

Consumers keep their phones with them at all times. Their phones are an extension of themselves. It is easier to know what they like, their interests, and their hobbies to create ads more appealing to them.

6. Increased Conversion Due to Mobile Payments

Mobile payments have one of the biggest positive impacts on mobile marketing. The convenience provided to consumers to purchase with a few taps on their phone makes impulse buying much easier.

Mobile payments are quick & convenient

It’s a lot easier for consumers to purchase a product. With online shopping being so prevalent, card details are already loaded onto phones. This makes the payment process a lot easier than physically going to a store to make a purchase.

7. Different Layouts to Choose From

The ad format options available increase with the use of mobile marketing. Marketers can choose videos, GIFs, banner ads, images, and more. The color and quality of these graphics and videos are easier to control to be more enticing to consumers.

The different formats are cheaper, easier & quicker to publish. Native ads appear on a part of the screen while interstitial ads take up the whole screen. It is important to choose the right format so that the user experience isn’t disturbed.

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Importance of Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2023

Mobile marketing is important in 2023 because society is moving towards the “on-demand,” “multitasking,” and “Live-Now-Pay-Later” culture. In this era, consumers will expect brands to be more responsive and thus more mobile.

Consumers are demanding that brands praise trustworthiness, and reliability, and keep them in the loop regarding discounts and/or promotions. As consumers demand constant access and information from brands, marketing to them is crucial.

Mobile marketing also allows brands to maintain customer relationships at every single step of their consumer journey. With mobile marketing, brands can easily send notifications known as PUSH Notifications directly to a customer. This is to remind them to come back and purchase what they may have forgotten.

Mobile Marketing Examples

Mobile marketing refers to the use of mobile devices and mobile apps to reach customers and promote a product or service.

Here are 5 examples of mobile marketing:

1. SMS (short message service) marketing

This involves sending promotional text messages to customers who have opted-in to receive them.

2. Mobile app notifications

Businesses can send push notifications to customers who have downloaded their mobile app.

3. Mobile advertising

This can include display ads that appear on mobile websites or apps, as well as sponsored content on social media platforms that can be viewed on mobile devices.

4. Mobile loyalty programs

These programs use mobile apps to reward customers for their loyalty and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

5. Mobile coupons

Businesses can send mobile coupons to customers through SMS or within a mobile app, which can be redeemed in-store or online.

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Popular Mobile Marketing Tools

There are many mobile apps available, however, the top 5 mobile marketing tools are:

1. Mailchimp

This app allows businesses to send marketing emails and newsletters to their customers, as well as track the performance of their campaigns.

2. Hootsuite

This app allows businesses to manage their social media accounts and schedule posts in advance.

3. Google Ads

This app allows businesses to create and manage their Google Ads campaigns on the go.

4. Canva

This app allows businesses to create professional-looking graphics and designs for social media, websites, and other marketing materials.

5. Constant Contact

This app allows businesses to create and send email marketing campaigns, as well as manage their contact lists.

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It is important to remember that mobile marketing strategy is gaining more and more importance in the world of e-commerce. For anyone looking to capitalize on this marketing strategy, it is imperative to take a close look at the social, app, SMS, and location-based models.

These models are going to allow for more effective use of mobile marketing. It is extremely important to assess your company from a mobile marketing perspective and to learn how these models interact with your e-commerce business.


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