The Ultimate Guide on the Benefits of Building Link for SEO

Building link for websites can be beneficial for SEO purposes if applied strategically. Link-building indicates that you have done some research, and you trust the site you are linking from. This drives new traffic to your site and helps you gain exposure on the web. You can also attract more audiences and win their trust by improving the domain authority through link-building tools.

In this article, we will be discussing what link-building is, the benefits of building link, how you can build links successfully, know about link-building tools, measuring the success of building links, and so on.

What is Link-Building?

Building link on websites is a marketing strategy aimed at obtaining as well as cultivating high-quality, relevant, external links to a website.

Building these quality links can often provide a major boost to search engine and marketing traffic. They also improve brand reputation and the potential for an online advertising campaign.

Building links encompasses a wide range of activities, with different approaches and goals. Some of these include building link relationships with high-value websites, garnering positive press, developing powerful content, and so on.

“Building link” is the backbone of your website traffic and growth!

In addition, using links in your web content can result in more user engagement and ultimately result in higher traffic and more open page views. Online presence is essential nowadays. Producing high-quality content that people trust and can refer to remains one of the best SEO strategies.

The things that make a link “good” are:

  • Relevance
  • Trustworthiness
  • Placement
  • Authority Score
  • Anchor Text

Hyperlinks (also just called links), help search engines crawl the webpage or website and find the most relevant content for consumers.

This in turn helps your site rank higher if there are relevant links. There are 5 key reasons why links are important. Let’s take a look at them.

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Benefits of Building Link for SEO

5 benefits of building link for SEO in 2022 are as follows:

1. Growing traffic

One of the main benefits of building links is that it greatly increases traffic. It’s much easier to gain genuine backlinks and traffic from quality blogs or authoritative websites.

If people see a link to your page on a site they trust, they are more inclined to follow the link. Although this may not necessarily convert to sales, it helps in generating traffic to your site.

2. Better SEO score and site metrics

More links make it easier for search engines to crawl the web for relevant results and thus reduce the page crawl depth i.e. how many steps it took to get to the page. Doing this consistently across all your web pages or articles makes a search engine like Google think that your website offers relevant solutions to problems.

This increases your SEO score and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). A higher score with relevant backlinks increases traffic, potentially converts to sales, and improves overall site metrics.

3. Increased visibility and exposure

More links in your content and on your webpage mean more online visibility. Incorporating links successfully into your content helps establish your presence online. It increases your exposure to a broader audience.

Producing high-quality content makes it highly likely for your site to rank in the top results in SERPs. So, people are more likely to include a link back to your site and inadvertently, drive more traffic to the site.

4. Building relationships

Another great reason to start building links is that it can build long-term relationships with influencers in your niche. This improves your credibility and people trust your opinion.

You can do guest posts on other sites or have people do guest posts on yours. This exposes you to a different set of audience. In some instances, journalists and writers contact you for assistance rather than vice versa.

5. Establishing yourself as an authority

Producing high-quality content that interests your audience is the first step to take. Consistently producing content they enjoy, leads to them sharing the content.

Other bloggers and websites then start adding links back to your website. Google interprets this as you being an expert in that specific niche. This helps your page rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page.

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Tools for Building Link

Tools for building link

There are several free and paid link-building tools that you can use and increase the authority of your webpage or domain.

The below tools have several features with different functions. All the features are very helpful in building links. You can visit the tools separately and use them accordingly. In comparison to free link-building tools, paid tools have quick and effective results.

The free or paid link-building tools are

AhrefGoogle Alerts
GroupHighCheck My Links (Extension)
Hunter.ioMoz Link Explorer
LinkodyNinja Outreach
The free or paid link-building tools are

How Can You Build Links Successfully?

Link building is an essential part in order to grow your online content. Watch out the below video for tips.

To build successful links, follow these 3 strategies provided by SEMrush:

1. Manually add links

Manually building links refers to including links in your content yourself. This includes guest posts on other websites, blog comments, press releases, and so on.

With this strategy, you have full control. However, there is a possibility that the links aren’t high-quality enough. This can hurt your page from ranking high in search engines.

2. Request links

Reaching out to request links can be time-consuming. However, good links, with the permission of site owners, can help your page rank higher in search engines.

Moreover, contact the owner of the other site first. Adding random links won’t do anything. The link has to be credible and relevant to your niche.

3. Earn links

Earning links refers to external sites including links to your webpage. The process of earning links can be time-consuming as well as the results can be difficult to determine.

However, it is a reliable way to increase overall website traffic and achieve higher rankings in search engines. The key to earning links from external sites is creating quality content.

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Measuring the Success of Building Link

Consider some of the following tips when looking at metrics to measure the success of a link-building campaign:

Authority score

An authority score is expressed as a numerical value. The higher the score, the more links are viewed as trustworthy as well as valuable. That means, the more authoritative the site is.

Follow to nofollow links ratio

Follow links indicate to Google that your site is an authority on the subject matter. Nofollow links indicate to search engines that the link to the external site should be ignored.

Topical relevance

Are the links included in your site relevant to your niche? Including irrelevant links to make up numbers is pointless. If the backlink doesn’t add value to the content, it won’t help with the ranking.

Unique referring domains

Generally, the more links built to your site, the better the resulting outcome for your SEO strategy. Create content so that there are more links from multiple pages to your site rather than multiple links from one page.

Toxic links

Toxic links in your content will ruin your website’s reputation and have a negative effect on your overall authority. Luckily, Google ignores links with these markings as they don’t carry any weight relevant to the topic.

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Make sure to understand what each metric actually means, as well as how you can use them to achieve success.

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It should be noted that the effectiveness of any backlink campaign is directly related to the overall goals of the campaign. Simply linking to relevant articles will not result in success, as this will not help you meet your overall key performance indicators.

Building Links are very important for the SEO strategy as well as process you apply. Choosing the right strategies and techniques will guarantee success. If implemented properly, you’ll ultimately see an increase in traffic and search rankings including the growth in Domain as well as Page Authority scores.


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