How to Grow a YouTube Channel in 10 Steps?

You must be enquiring “how to grow a YouTube Channel” if you just have started your YouTube Channel or not getting sustainable results on your long-time Channel. Proper optimization is required on your YouTube channel and this article is a complete guide to growing a Youtube channel in 10 steps. There was a time when people were using YouTube for only browsing movies, songs, and other videos. But, time has changed in the last decade, and YouTube has proved itself to be one of the best-earning platforms. Moreover, people use it for promoting their business or brands to increase their leads & sales. In the case of promoting a business on Youtube, you can make relevant videos and run ads through Google Adwords.

In this article, we will discuss how to grow a YouTube channel in 10 simple steps, what YouTube SEO ranking factors are, and how you can earn from your YouTube channel.

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How to Grow a YouTube Channel in 10 Steps?

Search engine rankings are getting more competitive with time due to an increase in new competitors, products, and services. To grow a YouTube channel, you need to optimize your channel and all the videos properly.

Let’s discuss how to grow a YouTube channel in 10 steps:

1. Pick a keyword for your YouTube channel

Before creating your YouTube Channel, you must have a “keyword” on which you want your channel to grow and acquire a ranking on the search engine results page.

Now, where should you use the keyword to grow your YouTube channel?

  • On your YouTube Channel Name.
  • In your channel’s logo & slogan.
  • In the title of each video that you post.
  • In the video file name.
  • On the thumbnail of each video.
  • In the description of every video.
  • On each social media post that you use to promote your channel.

2. Optimize the title of YouTube videos

Optimizing the title of your YouTube videos is an essential factor as this is the keyword that a searcher looks for in search engines. On searcher’s demand, YouTube, Google, or other search engines show the results in SERPs.

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So, you can increase your video’s possibility to rank if you optimize your video title correctly.

How to optimize a video title?

  • Use the correct format to give a title to your video (Keyword – Category – Channel name).
  • The title should be short but catchy (100-character limit, recommended is 70-character).
  • Use negative words such as fail, warning, never, bad, don’t, stop, worst, harmful, disgust, etc. Users generally pay attention to such negative words.
  • Use separators like commas [,], hyphens (-), and pipe (|).

3. Use attractive thumbnail

Besides the title of your YouTube videos, the thumbnail is the most important factor that attracts users to click on your video link in search engines.

Thumbnails should be appealing and attractive enough to enhance the click-through rate (CTR).

Here are some examples of attractive YouTube thumbnails with video titles:

Attractive Thumbnails With Video Titles

4. Describe your content

While uploading videos on your YouTube channel, you get space to describe the content. The description box can be a useful resource if you write important key points of your video or share your other video’s links there.

Here is the preview of a well-written description for a YouTube video:

well-written description for a YouTube video - How to grow your YouTube channel

5. Choose a trending topic & post videos regularly

You increase your opportunity to rank your video if you select a trending topic. For this, you need proper research for the keyword that is being searched in high volume.

Also, make sure to publish your videos regularly to keep your audience engaged.

6. High-quality video

You need to make sure that you’re uploading high-definition videos with the good sound quality on your YouTube channel. In the case of low-quality videos, you can upset your audience and that may impact the watch time for your videos.

Recommended video quality is 4k pixels, however, you need to use as better quality as you can.

7. Content & length of the video

According to the YouTube guidelines & suggestions, the video should be of more than 3 minutes but not too lengthy. Use relevant and to-the-point content only. Use examples for your ideas so that you can make your points clear to the audience. It becomes easy to engage your audience if you have good content with animation or slides in videos.

8. Create optimized playlists

To increase the session time on your YouTube channels, you can optimize your playlists according to the categories of the videos. Session time is the most important ranking factor that YouTube cares about. Playlists also make your channel user-friendly and users can find the topics easily.

9. Share videos on social media sites

According to January 2022 reports, the number of social media global users is 4.62 billion. So, the importance of social media networks is very clear and you also should avail this opportunity to share your videos on social media sites such as Facebook, Facebook Business page, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and so on.

10. Run ads and campaigning

You also have an option to become popular swiftly by running your ads on the YouTube platform. Be sure, you have enough quality content on your channel. This will help in increasing the CTR that leads to boost watch-time and channel subscriptions.

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How Can You Earn Through Your YouTube Channel?

YouTube is the biggest video search engine with approximately 2.6 billion users worldwide, according to the latest statistics.

You have an opportunity to grow a YouTube channel and make your niche satisfied. There’re multiple ways to make money in the YouTube Partner Program. The top 5 platforms are:

1. Advertising revenue

If you have a YouTube channel, you can get that monetized through Google Adsense once you complete a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in the last 365 days. Google AdSense runs display, overlay, and video ads.

2. Channel membership

This is another option where you can earn as your members make monthly payments for special perks that you offer on your YouTube channel.

3. Merch shelf

Through this option, your audience can browse & buy the official branded merchandise that is shown on your watch pages.

4. Super Chat and Super Stickers

In order to get messages highlighted on the top of your chat stream, your fans pay you super chat or super stickers

5. YouTube Premium Revenue

How Can You Earn Through Your YouTube Channel

You can also participate in a YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscription fee when they watch your content.

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YouTube SEO Ranking factors

Several points must be considered when we think about YouTube SEO Ranking Factors. Let’s know which are the most essential components:

YouTube channel watch-timeOverall Session duration
Audience retention of your channelSession starts
Click-through rate (CTR)Session ends
Your video’s upload frequency

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YouTube can be a great opportunity for you to explore and earn money in several ways discussed above. One better idea can make a big difference in your life. In the last few years, several YouTubers have become very popular and earned a lot.

The focus should be on the proper optimization of the videos and the YouTube channel.


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