Top 5 Email Marketing Software to Improve Your Marketing Campaign for 2023

Choosing the right Email marketing platform is an important part of an email marketing campaign. It is a tool that helps you email your audience and promote your website amongst other marketing efforts. Besides promoting your website, an email marketing software may include other functions as well such as – sending bulk messages, reminders, promotions, and do list management, etc. Email marketing software is more than just a way to send and track emails. The tools are helpful for growing your business and generating more sales through their features such as growing your audience, segmenting your listings, and connecting all your marketing channels.

This article is essential because we’re going to discuss what is email marketing, what is the need for email marketing software, what are the best email marketing software tools, what is the purpose of these tools in email marketing, and so on.

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What is Email Marketing?

The oldest form of digital marketing is email marketing. In both implementation and maintenance, it is relatively simple. The basic elements of email marketing are these five aspects:

  • Build your email list
  • Segment your email list
  • Maintain your email list
  • Send useful content consistently
  • Measure the results of email campaigns

Email marketing has been a vital aspect of digital marketing. It is a cost-effective and simple form of marketing, which every business should know.

When using email marketing, your campaign is highly likely to have much more success.

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What is the Need of Email Marketing Software Programs?

The most obvious benefit is the ease of sending emails. Nearly everyone uses email on an ongoing basis. The number of active email users is far greater than the audience on social media and other forms of digital advertising.

Plus, email provides a personal touch since you can tailor emails to the interests of individual subscribers easily.

Additionally, the startup & ongoing costs of email marketing are very low. In most cases, small businesses can afford top-rated email marketing programs and tools for less than $50 a month.

The need for marketing software is so great. Many companies have gone out of business because of an insufficient email marketing strategy. Many businesses left themselves high and dry when correspondence with their customers ceased because of a lack of emails.

Entrepreneurs who have limited resources require cheap email marketing software programs. But what are the best programs to use?

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What are the Email Marketing Software Tools?

Here are the top 5 email marketing softwares for 2023:

1. HubSpot

This is an all-in-one and one of the most well-known CRM and email marketing software programs. HubSpot is great for people just starting as well as businesses that have been around for some time.

Moreover, the software has a variety of features to make email automation seamless. HubSpot’s CRM makes it easy to create emails based on individuals’ devices, the country they’re in, and many more.

Furthermore, HubSpot is the software of choice for many businesses because of its various features. These include CRM, email marketing, sales tools, and more!

Plans & Pricing

Starts at $45 per month/$540 per yearStarts at $800 per month/$9,600 per yearStarts at $3,600 per month/$43,200 per year
Starts with 1,000 marketing contactsStarts with 2,000 marketing contactsStarts with 10,000 marketing contacts
Marketing automationAll Starter features includedAll Professional features included
Communication doesn’t have HubSpot brandingAutomated & personalized engagement across channelsEasy to manage teams & brands
Fast in-chat and email supportEasily orchestrate efficient campaignsEasy to extend the platform
Optimized campaign conversionEasily advance the reporting
Build custom reports
Advanced phone support

2. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is one of the fastest-growing programs for email marketing in Europe. They are a complete email marketing as well as SMS platform for all businesses.

Moreover, SendinBlue is a comprehensive email marketing software programs that offers advanced features and integrations with a variety of existing software. Its marketing automation capabilities allow businesses to effectively manage their campaigns as well as deliver personalized content to their audience. Its advanced features make it a powerful tool for businesses looking to optimize their email marketing efforts. Overall, SendinBlue’s range of features and integrations make it a strong choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive email marketing solution.

In addition, SendinBlue’s AI algorithm makes it easy for businesses to send targeted emails to their audience. The software allows businesses to segment users, create automated follow-up emails, and send transactional emails, all of which can help to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. Overall, SendinBlue’s AI-powered features make it a powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline their email marketing efforts and deliver personalized, targeted content to their audience.

Plans & Pricing

Free PlanLite PlanPremium PlanEnterprise Plan
$0 per monthStarts at $25 per monthStarts at $65 per monthGet a quote for specific pricing
Unlimited contactsPerfect plan for new marketersPerfect plan for marketing prosAll Premium Plan features
Maximum of 300 emails per dayAll Free Plan featuresAll Lite Plan featuresCustom email volume
1 Chat allowedNo daily sending limitMarketing automationSSO (SAML)
Branded emailsEmail customer supportLanding pages20+ landing pages
Add-ons: advanced statistics, remove SendinBlue logo, A/B testingFacebook adsPriority sending
Multi-user accessPriority support
Telephone supportCustomer success manager

3. Constant Contact

This has been rated the easiest and most beginner-friendly email marketing platform. Constant Contact is a large as well as fast-growing email marketing platform worldwide.

In addition, managing marketing calendars, contacts, email lists, templates, and many more is easier than ever. The support provided by Constant Contact is unmatched.

Furthermore, Constant Contact is another email marketing software that offers a wide range of features for businesses. In addition, the software offers multiple methods of customer support, including email, phone calls, and live chat, which makes it easy for businesses to get the help they need when they need it. Overall, Constant Contact’s extensive features and multiple support options make it a strong choice for businesses looking to effectively manage their email marketing campaigns.

Plans & Pricing

Core PlanPlus Plan
Starts at $9,99 per monthStarts at $45 per month
Price is based on the number of contactsPerfect plan for experienced marketers
Perfect plan for people getting started with marketingAll features of the Core Plan
More than 100 email templatesPersonalized dynamic content
Sign-up forms to grow the mailing listGoogle Ads and text-to-join tools for list-growth
Post to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at onceIn-depth reports including sales and conversions
Integrate with sites like WooCommerce, Shopify, Etsy, and CanvaAutomated communication (e.g. resending to non-openers)
Reports on engagement (clicks, views, etc.)Maximize capabilities with personalized consulting
Award-winning phone support and live chatTarget customers with auto-generated segments
SMS option starting at $10 per month for 0-500 messagesDrag & drop products from the online shop
Constant Contact

4. Moosend

For smaller companies that may just be getting started on their email marketing journey, Moosend is the best option. Their services are affordable as well as provide the basic email marketing services companies need to engage their customers and market their company through email.

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In addition, Moosend is another email marketing software programs that offers a variety of features and tools for businesses. Its free plan is a great option for those just starting out with email marketing. All plans include marketing automation features, landing pages, and email list-building tools, as well as detailed email analytics.

Furthermore, these analytics provide valuable insights into important metrics such as demographic data, custom event tracking, purchases, product views, bounces, clicks, and email opens. Overall, Moosend’s comprehensive analytics and wide range of features make it a strong choice for businesses looking to optimize their email marketing efforts.

Plans & Pricing

Free Trial:Pro Plan:Enterprise Plan
30 days$9 per month/$7 per month with the annual paymentFor accurate pricing, get a quote by contacting the support
Unlimited emailsPrice increases depending on the number of employeesAll pro features
Automation workflowsAll free trial features including the SMTP serverAccount manager
1x landing page/1x formTransactional emailsMinimum 10 employees
Email campaignsChat supportOption of a dedicated IP

5. Drip

Drip is a strong email marketing software for digital marketers, bloggers, and e-commerce businesses. Their platform has a variety of features to simplify personalization, sales funnels, and marketing automation.

Additionally, Drip is another email marketing software that is suitable for businesses in various industries. Its smooth integration with WooCommerce and WordPress makes it a convenient choice for those using these platforms. Its range of features as well as user-friendly interface make it a popular choice among businesses looking to implement an email marketing strategy. Overall, Drip is a solid option for businesses looking for reliable email marketing software programs.

Moreover, drip users have access to features such as a drag & drop builder, smarter email segmenting, list groups, and marketing automation tools.

Plans & Pricing

Drip Plan:

  • 14-day free trial available
  • Pricing starts at $39 per month
  • Price is based on the number of email contacts you have
  • Unlimited email sends
  • Email support
  • SMS notifications – Brand New!

Bonus Tool: Mailchimp

Creating a list of the best email marketing programs without including Mailchimp is ludicrous. They have an email marketing plan that is forever free. Anyone starting or experienced can easily use their service.

In addition, Mailchimp is a popular choice among email marketing software options due to its extensive list of features and integrations. With over one million active users, it has proven to be a reliable and effective tool for businesses. Its integration with platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WordPress make it a convenient choice for businesses using these systems. Overall, Mailchimp’s range of features and ease of integration make it a strong contender in the world of email marketing software programs.

The programs above may be better, but Mailchimp is still a classic that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Plans & Pricing

Free PlanEssentials PlanStandard PlanPremium Plan
$0 per monthStarts at $190 per monthStarts at $280 per monthStarts at $5,500 per month
2,500 monthly emails sendAll Free Plan featuresAll Essential Plan featuresAll Essential Plan features
500 email contacts5,000 monthly emails send6,000 monthly emails send150,000 monthly emails send
1 user seat50,000 email contacts100,000 email contactsUnlimited email contacts
Email support for the first 30 days3 user seats5 user seatsUnlimited users
Email templatesEmail and chat support 24/74 rolesPhone and priority support
More than 300 integrations2 rolesEnhanced automated customer journeys5 roles
Basic analytics and reportingNo Mailchimp brandingPre-built journeysMultivariate testing
Landing pages & formsA/B testingCustom-coded templatesComparative reporting
Creative AssistantSchedule emailsPredictive segmentationAdvanced segmentation
Automate customer journeysOptimized contentDedicated onboarding specialist
Optimized sending time
Dynamic content

What is the Purpose of These Tools in Email Marketing?

Using these software packages can help grow your email marketing list. The benefit of this is that it helps to generate an email marketing campaign with many readers.

Moreover, it is important to take the time to familiarize yourself with the features and capabilities of your chosen email marketing software before launching any campaigns. This will allow you to get a feel for the tool and ensure that you are using it to its full potential. By practicing as well as testing your email marketing techniques, you can avoid any unexpected issues or mistakes that could negatively impact the success of your campaign.

In addition, it’s recommended to test your email marketing campaign before launching to make sure you are sending the right emails and reaching the right people.

Furthermore, an email marketing list makes it easier to use your preferred software. Once you’ve successfully trained your email marketing software to deliver your email messages, you’ll start seeing an increase in subscribers.

The platforms mentioned above are great to send newsletters as well as run email campaigns.

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In closing, it should be noted that the purpose of email marketing tools is not to replicate the automation aspect of email marketing. Instead, it is meant to provide a tool for developing a well-thought-out email marketing campaign.

Therefore, choosing the right email marketing software programs is crucial for the success of your business. With the right tools, you will be able to streamline the creation of your email marketing campaign and effectively reach as well as engage your audience. As a result, you will be able to see a significant increase in sales and brand loyalty.

After all, email marketing campaigns are meant to be able to reach out to a wider audience. Consider ways you can use email marketing to grow your traffic and subscribers, and increase revenue for your business.


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